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Upcoming Events

Lunch and Learn Dates & Other Upcoming Events

Join our CEO, Joni, for FREE pizza or sandwiches! Sessions will be followed by a Q&A. Please see below for more detailed event descriptions.

Oct 18 – Canvas & Cocktails with Future Tax Leaders – 6:30PM – Cherry Creek North – View & Register

Nov 9 – 2018 Texas Conference for Women – Austin Convention Center – 7AM-5PM

Nov 20 – Lunch & Learn: Wayfair Ruling – Tabor Center WeWork – 12-1PM

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Why the 2019 Tax Season Could Get Off to a Rocky Start

By Dan Caplinger

Nov 18, 2018 at 6:01PM

Taxpayers have a number of deadlines they have to meet every year. Many of them wait until the last minute to complete their tax returns or file for extensions, facing the danger of costly penalties if they don’t get things done in time.

You don’t often hear about the IRS needing an extension to get its part of the tax puzzle completed, but that’s exactly what could happen this year. The magnitude of changes to the tax laws over the past year has made the Internal Revenue Service’s job a lot more complicated this year, and according to a recent report from a government official charged with oversight responsibility for the IRS, the tax agency could have a tough time starting the 2019 tax season on time.

Brick wall with Internal Revenue Service plaque, next to a red traffic light.


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Exemption Certificate Management Tips: Analysis to Automation


Check out the latest article by our CEO, Joni, on!

Here’s an excerpt…

“Let’s start with a fundamental question that many start-up companies often ask me… Why do I need to collect exemption certificates – and how best to do that? Well – first things first …

What exactly is an exemption certificate?”

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2017 Mid-Year Sales Tax Changes






2017 Mid-Year Sales Tax Changes

Repost from Avalara

Dealing with change is standard operating procedure for many companies: employees leave and are hired; new products are introduced and old ones phased out; there are booms, and there are busts. On top of all that, companies need to account for sales and use tax changes. Significant changes in rates, regulations, and product taxability often take effect July 1, which is the start of a new fiscal year in all but a few states.

At the end of 2016, we shared many of the sales tax changes set to occur January 1, 2017. These included state sales tax rate changes in California and New Jersey, the expansion of sales tax to certain services in North Carolina, the prohibition of taxing more services in Missouri, and a bevy of recently enacted soda taxes and tampon tax exemptions. At mid-year, we’re seeing a few propositions that signify a dramatic shift in online sales tax revenue.

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Old is Gold, or is it?

Old is Gold, or is it?

by Tasneem Esmael


Not in the world of technology. If we were to live by our ancestral standards, technology would not see the light of day. That does not mean that everything old is not gold; it just means that the definition changes across the spectrum of how it is used and delivered by various authorities.

With the introduction of Enterprise Resource Planning software solutions in the market, many companies have been revamping and rethinking their business processes with a fresh new outlook.

There are a few things to consider when business strategy is restructured.

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Five Qualities of a Successful Manager

By Tasneem Esmael

The “Divide and Conquer” strategy works well against your enemy on a battle field…but please leave it there. Your company/workplace is not your battle ground, it is a place where livelihood is earned.

  • It is more productive to work together as a team than working individually. Make sure each team member realizes the importance of their role, even if they are working on a section of a project alone.
  • Give each member the space, opportunity and time to excel in their respective role!
  • Each team member is a unique individual with their own style of being, learning and working: acknowledge that, and culture mutual respect between yourself and your team members.

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Uncle Sam and You!

By Tasneem Esmael


To some degree we can save ourselves with the virtue of Tax. Tax is a great way to sustain our society and help rebuild our nations. It helps to align our resources and direct them into proper channels. If tax were to be used as a vehicle of redemption, there is no better way to re-lift a struggling society from its abyss. I know you must be saying, “Really…which world are you coming from, I struggle to pay my taxes!” Did I just hear a grumble, a snarl! I hear you, but let’s analyze what tax does for us.

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Who Is Really CEO?

By Joni Johnson-Powe, JD, CPA






GOD spoke to me this morning. I know this is not your typical opening for a LinkedIn or website posting but at 3 O’clock in the morning, that is precisely what happened. He told its okay to pull off my Super Woman Cape I had so carefully designed, crafted, and proudly sewn on with badges of super womanliness:

  • Holding the Colorado State Triple-Jump record for 14 years
  • Attending College and Law School on athletic and academic scholarships
  • Passing CPA and Bar exam on 1st try within 2 months of each other
  • My Big 4 Accounting Career
  • CEO of my own companies at 32
  • Mothering 4 children including my last at 41
  • Serving on boards in many capacities
  • Setting up my 529 plans for my kids and getting my first college student to Berkeley this year
  • Cooking dinner at least 3 -4 nights a week when not traveling
  • Always having a Plan A and (of course) Plan B, C & D
  • Tithing on Sunday’s at Church

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